Friday, 24 June 2016

Essential tips for your summer party!

With a host of sporting events throughout the summer, family occasions and socialising with friends, a summer party is often a highlight point for many. That being said, the key to hosting a successful outdoor party is all in the preparation. At Brocket Hall, we often host summer parties where our guests get to enjoy the surrounding estate as much as the Hall itself, so we came up with some key points that can help you with your own summer party this summer!


Stay hydrated

Pimm's is often a popular choice in warmer weather because it’s refreshing and light. However, make sure you also have enough non-alcoholic drink available too; jugs of water and ice and other soft drinks are vital. That way you’ll ensure everyone will enjoy themselves for longer!

Provide enough food

Take into account the time of your party- does it start at lunch time? When does it finish? Guests will need food, or they will get hungry and drink too much on an empty stomach! A BBQ is simple and easy and allows you to cater to different dietary requirements, whilst light bites in the evening are always popular in our experience! 


Every party is different, but one thing they all have in common is the need for entertainment. This can come in various forms, depending on the type of guests that you tend to invite. Lawn games are a particular favourite of ours because they are perfect for early arrivals, and the post-lunch lull. Importantly, they also require little skill which encourages everyone to join in. Games such as Croquet, Giant Jenga and Twister are often a popular choice for our guests, and keep children occupied for hours on end.

Picking the right music is also really important. Live bands are common at our parties here at Brocket Hall, but if you want something a little more simple then we suggest you create a varied and upbeat playlist. Remember, you can always change it; if everyone starts dancing later on in the evening then you may have a few song requests!

Summer decoration
It may seem a minor point to some, but we place a huge amount of importance on ensuring that our summer parties look fantastic. Use bright and vibrant colours to help create a summer feeling- flower decorations are always a good way to do this. It is something so simple, but it really helps to make a positive party atmosphere.

Keep your guests cool

Make sure you have umbrellas giving your guests protection from the shade. An additional bonus for guests would be providing small fans that they can use to relieve themselves from the sun. Sun cream is also another helpful extra that your guests will appreciate.

Have a contingency plan

Unfortunately an English summer can be very unpredictable, so it is vital that you have an alternative space that can be used if the weather isn’t on your side. This might be indoors or you may have a gazebo for shelter it’s up to you, but your guests will be very appreciative. We suggest that you also look at the weather forecast on the day to make sure you aren’t taken by surprise and you can take this into account when planning your day. For example, does your food need a BBQ or can it be cooked inside?

Finally, enjoy yourself! Hosting a party can be stressful but with enough planning it doesn’t have to be. That way you can spend time with guests, rather than worrying about what else needs to be done. 

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

It's Royal Ascot week! The history of racing on the Brocket Hall Estate.

Melbourne Lodge, our Georgian coach house conversion
Like many this week, Brocket Hall is eagerly anticipating the glitz and the glamour of the Royal Ascot meeting; importantly for us, it also means that summer is upon us!  

Whether you are attending Royal Ascot or perhaps visiting Auberge du Lac for our own version of Ladies Ascot Day, everyone can get involved in their own way. We thought we would delve into the archives and revisit our own history of horse racing on the Estate.

For those that have visited the Estate previously, you may have stayed in our Melbourne lodge or driven through the Estate on our long winding road. What many do not know however, is that the road through the Estate was in fact a horse racing track that hosted many race days for the Hall’s residents. You can in fact see a glimpse of the Estate in a former life at the Hall; a painting by William Tomkins from 1768 hangs proudly in the front hall as you enter the stately home.

This is not all that remains of Brocket Hall’s history of horse racing. What is widely referred to as Melbourne Lodge, is in fact a renovated stable barn that sits in the tranquil grounds of the Brocket Hall Estate with beautiful views of the Hall, Broadwater Lake and the Melbourne golf course. Used as a place for our guests to stay in luxurious accommodation overnight, our elegant Georgian coach house conversion previously sheltered the tireless steeds that not only took the Hall’s residents hunting, but also provided the main point of interest on race days proudly held on the private race course that circled the Estate during the 18th Century. In keeping with tradition, each of our rooms are named after a famous race horse.

Despite the Estate changing considerably through time, there are many references to the past ensuring that the tradition and history that makes Brocket Hall so intriguing and unique, is not forgotten. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Strong winds causes damage to Auberge du Lac Wine Cellar

The first two weeks in January are typically very quiet at Auberge du Lac, considering we annually shut for two weeks after the hectic Christmas period. Due to what can only be described as a freak disaster, the January lull was anything but!

In the middle of a hectic Friday night service, gale force winds and torrential rain led to one of Brocket Hall’s largest oak trees being unearthed, subsequently crushing the Auberge du Lac wine cellar. Aside from the total destruction of the building and a high proportion of the wine stock being lost, Marjorie, our restaurant Sommelier was very fortunate, having been in the cellar a few minutes previously.

In another stroke of luck, all of Marjorie’s fine wines were somehow spared.

Since then, Marjorie, with the support of the team, has worked tirelessly to replace the wines that were lost, curating an updated wine list of over 300 wines that is now better than ever. It is also a testament to the level of service provided at Auberge du Lac that the customer experience was not impacted in any way as Marjorie ensured the tastes and preferences of our guests were met.

As a result, we now have two new buildings to store our fabulous selection of wines and lots of different shades of red and white to accompany it.  

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Attached Professionals in European Tour qualifying action

Brocket Hall’s attached professionals were in action over the past week in the second European Tour qualifying stage as they battled to earn their tour card for the forthcoming season.
There was mixed success for our three professionals, who all competed on different courses throughout Europe.

The pick of the three was undoubtedly Mark Laskey who qualified in 9th position at Lumine Golf and Beach Club, sending him through to the final qualifying stage on the 14th November at PGA Cataluyna Resort, Spain. Laskey finished on -12, 7 shots off the leader, with the highlight of his week being a stunning 63 in the second round, setting him up perfectly for the rest of the week. Laskey completed the job without any issues, recording two consecutive 69’s ensuring he booked his place in the final qualifying event.

Our two other attached pro’s unfortunately were not quite as successful, with Tomasz Anderson finishing three shots outside of the qualifying places on -8, with -11 the lowest qualifying score. Anderson had a very solid week on the Panoramica Golf and Sport Resort, but unfortunately he could not shoot low enough to force himself up the leaderboard.

Tom Shadbolt sadly had a disappointing week on the golf course, shooting +5 for the week on the Campo de Golf El Saler in Valencia. This meant he was sadly unable to progress to the final stage.

All eyes will be on Cataluyna next week as we eagerly anticipate Mark’s quest for his European Tour card, we will be sure to keep you updated!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A glamorous wedding

Brocket Hall played host to Kristie and Ben’s perfect wedding in 2014, with their passion for film (Kristie is a movie makeup artist and Ben is a movie editor), the theme for their big day. This is a perfect example of how the splendour and tradition of Brocket Hall can be incorporated into a couple’s dream, no matter what it may be.

David Craik (David Craik Photography) did an amazing job photographing the glitz and the glamour of Kristie and Ben’s wedding, for more photos of the wedding please have a look at our Facebook page, or take a look at Be Wedding Wise, for more of a look at what went on behind the scenes!

Friday, 5 June 2015

How to play Brocket Hall (Part One)

Playing the 1st of the Melbourne - Elizabeth I


YARDS: 318

TEE: Yellow

CONDITIONS: Warm, sunny - hopefully!


The first on the Melbourne is a beautiful hole to view from both the Clubhouse and the first tee. With Brocket Hall atop the left hand side of this dog-leg right fairway, and the Broadwater Lake glistening to the right of the hole, the first drive is an intimidating one to say the least! We've got tips from Simon Garner, Head PGA Professional, to talk you through how to play - with all your pristine golf balls safely tucked away in your bag!

Off the yellow tees, you don't want a massive drive off the first or you will run out of room and may find yourself tucked away in the rough on the left hand side of the fairway; this makes your second shot an interesting one! With its drastically slanted fairway and an intimidating tree located on the right hand side, the perfect line is slightly left of the middle and with a long iron or 3-wood - let the hill bring the ball back round the dog-leg. With any luck you will roll right down to the foot of the hill and you'll land on a flat lie. But don't bank on it!

Looking up towards the green you will again face the Broadwater Lake alongside the hole. It is considered better to go left rather than right, so don't be afraid to roll the wrist a little and draw the ball to the left, using the greenside slope to bring you back towards the green. If you don't manage to hit the green you may find yourself inside the greenside bunker to the right of the putting surface. In this case, don't be afraid to open up the club face and 'splash' the ball out confidently - with the knowledge that you have the slope at the back of the green to fall back on if technique goes a little sideways!

Putting on the first is fairly straightforward, look for a solid two putt and move on to the second. With the first out of the way you can now face going over the lake at the par 3 second, running alongside the iconic Paine Bridge.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wedding Photoshoot - 2nd March 2015

Here at Brocket Hall, we take pride in our beautiful wedding venues and love an opportunity to show them off. The wonderful Expression Photography had a great day with us earlier this month, trying out their new equipment. Brett Harkness joined them to style the shoot and I hope you agree the results are stunning!

For the full gallery, visit our Facebook page - or follow this link:

Thank you also to Sam at Beautiful You, and Anna Rose for the make-up and hair (respectively), Elegant Stems for the flowers and a massive thank you to Ray & Chelsey; the lovely models for the day!